Monday, 5 October 2009

Bella The Sexy

This is Bella.
Bella is the smallest, slinkyist, sexyist, ubersensitive little cat.
All the boys in the yard wanted a piece of Bella when she used to slink around all sexy and white like with her David Bowie coloured eyes. (Click to enlarge pic below to see the uncanny Bowie likeness) The neighbourhood boy cats even sit on the doormat looking into the house just to get a glimpse of sexy Bella.

I say she "used to" because Bella is a sensitive ex rescue cat and always feels the mood of the people around her. When a family member went to hospital to have an operation she dropped three mice by the stairs as a present.
Recently the household around her had become a stressful environment and she basicaly freaked out (and with giant killer rabbits being introduced that lurk around in the garden) she has become very nervous and wees everywhere and runs away as soon as she sees anyone...

HOWEVER...she does seem to be getting better since a new baby has joined the family and she has become sociable and loveable again, she doesn't run away anymore and she comes looking for affection and sleeps at the end of the bed again. I think this is because she can feel all the love in the house again and wants to be a part of it.

So a Happy Ending for Bella.....except she did poop on the floor this morning....bad times stank!

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