Friday, 16 October 2009

Thank Farley Its Friday

So here is some fine art to keep our creative output up to speed with Frieze this weekend.  This is Farley immortalized in oil by talented whisker painter Katie Jones.  Although her website is dog work in the most part, please do not judge.  Farley is her first feline commission and she is now raring for more paws to paint...............


(Are we actually allowed to campaign on the catparty homepage or am I flouting the rules?  I just haven't been issued with any official t&c for this addition to the furry formula...................infact am I going totally off-schedule posting a painting and not a photo?)


  1. Hey Fred,

    -the painting is fine... great if anything... we changed the idea from photos to any original 'content' (all non original stuff is now banned tho unless used in reference WITHIN original material). We want different stuff up (paintings, videos, etc).

    -self promotion is frowned upon by CP admin, but I guess it's to be expected.

    Maybe next month there should be more individual campaigning by all the posters.... either everyone should do it, or not at all!

    I WAS thinking that any self promotion found next month would result in disqualification from the Top Cat comp (with prior warning laid out of course), but in hindsight, if all contestants were to promote the competition, then we would receive more traffic here at CP.

    Kind Regards (and keep it furry)

    Black Al
    Cat Party Admin

  2. Thank you for the ofFURicial word.
    I will resist any FURthur self promotion..............or puns
    But I can't promise either.

    Have a great weekend............

  3. i dont see nuthin wrong with a little self promotion? Thats what the whole things about, it wouldnt be a competition otherwise!
    Love the Fur pas joke. more please.


  4. you've changed your tuna, mr dEth! ;-)

    i do recall some certain CHEAT tweets ...

  5. i just like being mean to Dan.

  6. He thinks he's the cat's whiskers!


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