Saturday, 30 January 2010

Maddy and 'Le Mew'

This is my friend Jules' new cat Maddy. She's a purebred Russian Blue (I checked her tail for ringlets).

She's been in the house for about 3 months but still almost exclusively lives under Jules bed, and its very hard to get her out.

She seems genuinely terrified and only comes out if the house is empty or in the dead of night, and often pisses in the living room or on peoples beds out of fear I guess. The first time I stayed here this is the furtherest I saw her leave the saftey of the bed in about 5 days....(she's fine with Jules and Lewis, but shits it when a stranger comes past)

When we got back from a festival after New Years Eve, we found a big patch of Maddy fur on the stairs under a window and it looked like there'd be a fight of some epic proportion. The culprit was quite clearly this beast:

...which you can see here after jumping into the ute whilst we were unpacking. I'm pretty sure its a boy, and it's super friendly.. but to the point of being weird... almost rabid. He's got a tiny head and big butt and giant fluffy tail and is horribly dirty. He automatically reminded me of the cat in Pepé Le Pew.. (Penelope Pussycat..the one that goes 'le mew..le purr') in that classic episode when she falls into the bucket of water and gets a cold and cant smell him and turns the tables on him but is all manky and wet.

This is a few weeks later when I busted the brute coming in the same window where we found the fur, and now convinced that hes a big factor in Maddy's day to day torment, I collared the beast and chucked him out the back, then dosed him with 2 pints of water. He ran away, but almost seemed relatively unphased. (he is a bit mental I think)

I've since seen him only once and drenched him that time too. I think he's starting to get the picture that this aint his territory anymore.

Last weekend I spent a good half hour each day sitting next to the bed and regularly planting cat treats just outside the mattress and Maddy seems to be getting better.

Shes now taken to sleeping occasionally in Jules clothes cupboard which is quite a brave move by her standards, and now greets me with a little cat chirrup when I walk in to see her.

Much like Cow Cat, she loves a bit of chinny chin.

I'll keep Cat Party up to date with her progress.


  1. You are the cat police! I hope Maddy gets more and more confident, she's a beaut :)

  2. hi thanks jim for making me famous in your story here. i would like to say that you have been pretty accurate and i think you have taken some lovely photos of me, thank you. as for that bullying bastard criminal cat, he is no longer trespassing into my house, and i now feel much safer and happier. i am loving being on top of jules' bed nowadays and am feeling much more confident around all the loud rowdy humans in the house. come and say hello some time and play games with me, i wouldn't say no to some more cat treats. x

  3. I loved this story. I hope big old dirty bum stays away from now on (although I do feel a tiny bit sorry for him.)


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