Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The cats of Hong Kong

Sadly I don't have a cat of my own, so have to make do with stalking these furrry chaps from the medicine wholesalers district of HK as a fully paid up member of the Cat Party Paparazzi...

Four furry characters here:
Top: Mum cat - kept a watchful eye on L'il Ginge, but still found time to have a good streeeeeeeeetch.
Second: Scaredy Cat - didn't seem to keen on us to be honest. Bit cool for school maybe.
Third: Fat Cat - literally didn't move.
Bottom: L'il Ginge - the star of the show. Whether peeping coyly out of the wheel arch of a car, or death-staring the gutter in search of choice morsels, Ginge made himself many new friends that day.



  1. International Furriness ... hahaha

    Just re-read the blurb... hahaha again!

    Wicked post

  2. The dawn of a new Spadge!
    Welcome to the party!

    (FYI this lady taught me everything I know in the "pun" joke territory..........i think we can safely assume there are going to be many more on the way now to keep Cat Party furry)


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