Friday, 29 January 2010

Ode to Louie's Legs

After seeing Taskforce's best card ever post, I was reminded that my hard drive is full of photos and videos of my parent's old cat Louie. He's at a private cat party in the skies now, but he was a constant source of entertainment when he was alive.

If you've ever seen 'Unbreakable' then firstly, commiserations, and secondly, Louie was based on Samuel L Jackson's character. He had a heart murmur, one side of his top teeth taken out and a genetic bone weakness that meant he had four broken legs during his six years.

This meant climbing trees was strictly forbidden and we often had to help him climb up onto beds. His sister Meg is still with us and has been to the vet just once in her life for neutering. She's a very independent cat and unlike Louie, will only tolerate affection in the form of tummy tickles from Dad...


Don't be fooled into thinking a fragile cat is a boring one though! Louie's favourite time of day was when he got his handful of hamster food (he held little interested in the hamsters themselves) and he was one of those cats that would chirrup every time you looked at him.

He and my Mum were best buddies, so if anyone knows of a friendly tabby and white male kitten for adoption near Newbury, she's looking!

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