Saturday, 23 January 2010

Poppy's Reform

You might remember Poppy from a few months ago. She's filled out since we rescued her from CPL, and stopped sneezing on our faces in the morning which is nice.

We're much closer to our goal of getting her to sit like 'have a seat' cat on Youtube...

...and we've discovered her penchant for launching herself at rugs and blankets...

But perhaps the best things about Pussbridge are her forward personality...

...and her uncanny Hannibal impression...

"Good evening, Clarice"

Poppy (also known as Stinkington and Nag-Bag) is currently learning how to open doors, so we might be back with a video of that soon


  1. Need to meet this cat. I love your posts, can we have more regular pussbridge updates please?

  2. Thank you, of course! I really need to sort out a decent camera - my phone doesn't have a flash and she usually goes bonkers after dark so they're bad quality. I'll put another one together soon :) x

  3. it totally doesnt matter what camera you have, its the quality of the cat that counts.
    That 'Hannibal' picture kills me. You guys have to come up to London for Cat Party 'Party' in May. (news to follow)

  4. This is a really really good quality, top notch puss x


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