Friday, 13 August 2010

Chicken and Ron are best friends


"Alright cheeky?"

"Chicken, come out and play!!"

Chicken makes a break for it, where Ron follows....
Chicken and Ron have a stare off on the stairs then Chicken runs back to lie down, resting ready for the rumble to commence.

"Come on then.....let's do this!!"

Ron and Chicken have hung out previously at Stephers studio, where they created this beautiful friendship. A couple of weeks later Ron and Stephers came over for tea, and the love was reunited. Ron and Chicken are ultimately best friends evidently you can see this from the fantastic photos Stephers took earlier today.
When Ron left he cried all the way home, and Chicken searched the house high and low for his buddy....after a while got tired and took a nap...where his dreams were all about Ron.

Chicken and Ron's next encounter will be on they can't wait!

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