Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Bil-LEE - Punjabi for Cat

Hey, so, this is Bil_LEE, he was found in the midst of a sofa delivery by my friend Tom Macklin, No owner owned up - Tom couldn't keep him due to being away with his fabulous job all the time - no such issues for me I decided to give the kitty a home.

He is a handsome but naughty little rascal with a killer instinct. That said, he is also (secretly) very loving and really loves cuddles and stuff.....

His full name is Bil-LEE Slasher CoDee Hendrix

He is very loved, living in a house with 5 people who adore him even though he spends most of his time being naughty...  what can I say - we're suckers for a pretty face....

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