Sunday, 5 December 2010

Another alarming industrious Sunday at CPHQ

The 2010 Freestyle Cat Arranging Championships have kicked off in spectacular style here at Cat Party HQ, with some audacious new styles from the newcomer Jorge, and some classic crowd-pleasers from the seasoned pros. Lets check out the highlights from todays play....

Here we see a classic cat-pyramid formation. Lenny and Snags are old hats at this and make a striking base, while the debutant Jorge keeps his distance, perhaps at this stage still a little in awe to now be competing alongside his childhood heros.

The first time nerves soon vanished, however as Jorge swiftly dazzled the crowd with his fast turn around to what was later revealed as his 'Zidane '06 Special'. Some truly innovative work from the outsider here.

Soon the lads broke off and started pulling together into a old favourite, the double superman/mincer, a move, avid Cat Fans will recall pioneered by Dexy in the 2008 finals. Here we see a detail of the final pose.

It was a long day here, and the last formation of the day came almost from nothing. For the die hard fans who'd sat it out to the end of play, well... all I can say is it was worth the wait. The trio pulled this really quite remarkable triple stretch toe-curl begsy 500 to tail plume and the feeling in the commentary box afterwards was one of elation. How superb to have been present for a truly seminal day in the Championships history. More updates to follow, but make sure you catch the video highlights on 'CP On Demand'.

Keep It Furry.

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  1. The only word to describe the last picture is SUPREME.


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