Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Cat Liberation Committee.

Last Saturday a bunch of us went to Celia Hammonds Cat shelter, last Saturday. It was well good. Dan and Posy were in the market for some furry friends for their new gaff and anticipation levels were huge.

We left our collection of flea-ridden divvies outside for the afternoon cos they are fat and lazy.

This was the first cat that was off the radometer scale. he was called Tyson or Rocky or something like a boxer and was extra friendly and nearly scored an immediate fostering... until Celia got him out the cage and he shit it cos of all the other cats and growled at Dan, who tried to touch his war wounds.

This was the second out his cage, Bolt. 100% radster, but pretty feisty. This is him having a staring comp with a pole cat. Not sure what he was doing there, I think they got confused at the cat rescue place cos it has 'cat' in the name n that. We fed Bolt lots of ham.

This was Handsome, he was old and about the friendliest fur i've ever met. He spluttered alot and his head was the size of a coconut. Rouge kept pestering me to let her take him home but i said it wasn't as easy as that, and that she was irresponsible.

This isn't Snags, it's some other beast curled up with his mates, but looked exactly like him, even had the 1000 yard Nam casualty stare. Must be the markings.

Posy & Dan finally chose two lad-cats called CatFace and Zuul, and they will most likely put pics of them up soon, but to sum up, it was great, although pretty sad - lots of cats and not enough homes.

When we got back we let the moron clan back inside and gave em some reconstituted chicken offal in jelly and they were most pleased. To celebrate, they slept.


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  1. so many great characters! hope they all find a home.


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