Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Last week I was lucky enough to witness an unusual sighting of the rare Snagarelli beast indulging in some urban exploration.

Not often will you see this creature venturing out during the daylight hours. His usual routine is more likely to involve food, sleep and staring at walls.

It was on this special day however, that he navigated the ragged landscape with giant leaps, unafraid of what might cross his path...

He began to traverse the barren wasteland and make his way over to the neighbouring boundary.

His courageous nature brought him to the edge of his territory. Confronted with a barbed wire fence, he sat and contemplated his enemies. It was at this point that the beast spotted our cameras and faced us with a menacing glare. He soon disappeared.

Meanwhile in the land below, a larger and somewhat furrier beast performed some form of tribal ritual.

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