Friday, 11 May 2012

Why Cats are Good for the Soul

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So often cats are regarded as pets that are a nuisance and they are regarded somewhat are throwaway pets that can be left behind when someone moves house or put up for adoption when a new baby arrives.

Cats often get such a bad press – that they are too independent, want everything on their terms, scratch furniture, make mess in other people’s gardens and kill birds and other wildlife. People who are cat lovers though recognise that they are extremely underestimated animals and a fabulous addition to any home.

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Never let you down

Not only are cats loyal and loving creatures they also never judge you, never let you down, never answer back and are always there to listen. They also instinctively know when you need a cuddle and when to leave you be.

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Granted there are those owners who go a little over the top with their love of cats and have everything cat related in their home from ornaments to essentials like pet insurance as well as a host of feline friends. However, in the majority of cat owners go about their business without such a fuss just loving their cat and their multi faceted character.

Good for your health

File:Fotothek df roe-neg 0006463 025 Katze, in einen Krug schauend.jpgLike any pet having a cat is a commitment but one that is worth it and research has even shown that cats are proven to be good for the soul as they can prevent stress and anxiety and ultimately heart attacks in their owners.

The research was conducted at the University of Minnesota's Stroke Institute in Minneapolis over a 10 year period and took into account findings from 4300 Americans.

Cat lovers will already recognise that this is possible because as far as pets go cats are relatively low maintenance compared to the love you get back in return. As they are so self sufficient cats take little upkeep compared to other animals.

Over the last few years more research has gone into the therapeutic value of pets; including cats. It has been found that animal-assisted therapy can be beneficial to people with cancer, heart problems, PTSD and substance abuse. This can mean continued therapy and aftercare that helps people further their recoveries.

Ancient bond

The relationship that cats have with us is not new and in fact dates way back to ancient times. It is said that the prophet Mohammed found a cat sleeping on his robe and rather than disturb the cat he cut a hole in his robe.

Cats have won over the hearts of many different cultures over the years for their hunting skills, cleanliness, attractiveness and character.

The Egyptians in particular honoured cats like no other culture as they viewed them as gods and had untold respect for them.

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Cats today would say that this respect was wholly justified and should continue across all cultures.

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  1. The reason I like cats is because you can never really own a cat. They're far too independent but if you're really lucky, they'll bestow upon you the right to feed and shelter them. x


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