Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The King is dead, long live the King

Cat Party is sad to announce that its reigning patriarch, Mr Bigglesworth, AKA 'Honk Kong Harry', was put down this morning after being hit by a car.
He was as fine a cat as has ever been and tho we will mourn his passing, he had one of the best innings i've ever heard of for such a beast.
Here he is a few months old:

And here, a recent pic: (we're unsure of his exact age, but he was said to have been a kitten during the hurricane of 87-88, so hes easily early 20's)

R.I.P Mr Bigglesworth.


  1. RIP Mr Biggy

    May the milk fountain of cat heaven flow freely, and your saucer runneth over :)

  2. RIP Hong Kong

    you will be missed my little friend....

    you can hang out with ray'M'ers heaven party xx

  3. He had a good inings though,

    I'll always remeber the time him and dave(the cat) got too wasted, pulled a whitey, and puked all over your kitchen in hordle.

    R.I.P Mr Bigglesworth


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