Sunday, 13 June 2010

This is my first post, so I guess introductions are in order...

We've been a cat household since I can remember, but these guys are a fairly new addition to the family. They'll be three years old this month!


Likes: Anything edible (really...he'll eat anything), belly rubs, sleeping on things he's been told not to sleep on, acting like a Mafia don and defending his turf, gazing out of windows.
Dislikes: People knocking on the front door, pollen (he gets hayfever), when younger cats question his authority.


Likes: Sleeping in empty bins, fluff, chasing flies (and his tail when he thinks no one's looking), high five-ing.
Dislikes: Heights, most other cats, when you leave a brother hanging, shoes...and generally anything slightly loud or scary.

Oh, and I'm Flo. :)

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