Tuesday, 1 June 2010

TOP CAT post of the month winner - 'Drools' by Belle!

Cat Party Admin is pleased to announce 'Drools' by Belle as the latest winner in a furry long line of famous TOP CAT posts!

We know that Belle has been fighting for one of her posts to win the much lauded prize (and of course the furry cup) for some time now.... we should all congratulate her on her persistence and dedication to the Cat Party cause!

A fine example of a CP regular!

Drools appears to be one furry, drooling, lazy, fluffy ginger beast too ... all superb attributes that we love at Cat Party.

Not only does Belle receive a personalised 'Top Cat' Cat Party mug she will now be given the pleasure of curating the competition for this month. We will ask her to choose her top 10 posts from May and we should see these go up within the next week or so.

Cat Party Admin would like to thank all of you involved and shall leave you with these familiar but important words...

Keep Posting...

Keep Purring...

and most of all... Keep it Furry

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