Thursday, 8 July 2010


This little dude "London Bob" goes around all day on his owners shoulder selling The Big Issue. He loved it up there!

Me and Chud were walking home and saw this little fella...actually, I say little, he was huge!! Giant paws and everything. He looked all matted and not very well looked after so we thought we'd give him a bit of lovin...

Look at him flirting with us, he was loving the attention....BUT THEN!!

He started swiping his giant paws at us and trying to bite us! He does look pretty evil in this pic....
I'm not sure whether its because he's been badly treated or whether he is actually an evil cat!

Last but not least! There's an off licence down Stoke Newington Church Street where this little beauty hangs out! We walked past and had to stop and say hello. He looked so cool just chillin in the sunshine.



A weird but pretty cat!

That's all for now folks, keep pappin xxx

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