Friday, 2 July 2010

TOP CAT post of the month winner - 'Bath Time' by Chud!!!

Cat Party Admin is pleased to announce 'Bath Time' by Chud as the latest winner (and last for a while/forever) of our TOP CAT post of the month competition!

This post is a much deserved winner and we are very happy that Chud now has something extra special to remember Maverick (RIP) by.

Normally we would ask Chud to curate the competition by choosing a shortlist for next month, however as we explained when announcing this month's shortlist, the competition is being put on hold for a summer break.... We shall return with new ideas, new competitions and new fur-based fun.

Of course we will still be getting a mug printed up with the winning picture...

We'll award the great big mug with the furry cup and post some pictures later this month ;-)

Cat Party Admin would like to thank all of you involved and shall leave you with these familiar but important words...

Keep Posting...

Keep Purring...

and most of all... Keep it Furry


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  1. You desrve it Mav, RIP little one xx


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