Monday, 16 November 2009

Nominations for October's 'TOP CAT' post of the month announced!!!

Cat Party Admin are pleased to announce that this month's 'Top Cat' competition is now OPEN!!!

Pegs, the winner of last month's competition and curator of the shortlist of nominations for this month has chosen her top ten.

We brought her in to Cat Party HQ for a private awards ceremony, where she received her personalized Cat Party 'Top Cat' mug.

Here are some pictures of her 'drinking from the furry cup'.

Pegs had 61 posts from October to sift through so we must all commend her on what must have been a tough job!

We at Cat HQ believe that Cat Party is more than just a bunch of pictures of cute, furry beasts. We want more than that, so this month we would like to suggest a list of voting/posting guidelines.

These are not strict rules, (as sometimes simplicity can be purrfection) however, here are a few things to think about when placing your vote

- Photography
- Narrative
- Use of other mediums (ie video/music/illustration etc)
- A certain je ne sais quoi that deserves 'Top Cat' status

See the panel on the right for the contenders, and be sure to place your votes in the section beneath that.

We also think that all the shortlisted cat-idates should be promoting themselves to the utmost extent. This will not only increase your chances of winning but will promote Cat Party.

Thanks again to Pegs.

Spread the word, obey the rules, and keep it furry.


  1. i need one of these mugs in my life!

  2. oh no - but wearing a real fur hat. not cool

  3. she stands on kittens paws when she thinks no-ones looking too.


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