Sunday, 1 November 2009

'Top Cat' Post of the Month WINNER! Sam Rossall Davis by Pegs

It's been a heated month here at CP. We had our first 'Top Cat' Post of the Month competition, and we are now pleased to announce the winner!!

Sam Rossall Davis
by Pegs

Congratulations to both Sam and Pegs (and to Lolo the owner)!

Not only does Pegs receive a personalised 'Top Cat' Cat Party mug she will now be given the pleasure of curating the competition for this month. We have asked her to choose her top 10 posts from October and we should see these go up within the next week or so.

We will also be publishing a list of voting guidelines, as to what we at Cat Party HQ deem necessary factors to consider when placing your valuable vote.

Thanks to all involved, and we think that Ron and Dan deserve a round of ap-paws for coming in as runner up.

We'd also like to welcome all the new contributors that we've had this month (they seem to be coming in thick and fast now!). Our hits have been ever increasing too, with the amount looming on almost 12,000, meaning we have almost doubled our hit counts within the space of a single month!

Keep the posts coming, and remember to keep it furry.


  1. "round of ap-apaws"
    Now that's a goody!

    Im liking the regular dropping of "keep it furry" - has that become the official Cat Party cat-ch phrase?

  2. yep, it seems that 'keep it furry' has become a kind of 'over and out' type of affur for us ;-)

  3. no, butt seriously, i would like to say thank you to everyone who voted for sam. it feels a real honour and want to say how tough it was for sam to be in a competition with such a celeb cat like The Ron. also thank you to cat party admin for all their support during october and reminding me how much i deserve to win and how it was literally the best cat blog they've ever come across in their entire lives. ever.

    i look forward to curating this months competition.

    i can officially die a happy lady.


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