Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Rabbit Lover

One chilly night Lisa put her rabbits away in their hutch like every other night. It had become such a routine affair that she did not look inside the hutch before shoving her giant floppy eared pets in their night time home....

The next morning when Lisa let the rabbits out of the hutch to eat what was left of the devastated garden she was shocked to find this skinny ginger fella in the hutch all cuddled up with the two rabbits ....not a drop of blood shed!

The poor cat was really skinny and had a really bad eye... the rabbits Pib and Chunk kept him warm all night and played with him in the morning. Ginge got a few good meals and got to stay inside for a night in a nice blanket and the next day he was taken to the vets and given to the RSPCA.


  1. great photos ... very 'dreamy' looking

  2. i miss that skinny ginger thing!
    thanks for putting it up. Lookin' good x

  3. why didnt you keep him?

  4. I personally would have kept him...but my cats probably would have eaten him as they are big fat monsters.
    They couldn't keep him in the house that he was found because they have got a cat who is already terrified and wets herself over the rabbits (see previous post http://miaowmix.blogspot.com/2009/10/bella-sexy.html) and there is no one there to look after him :(

  5. what a lovely pussycat.
    My mums cat, Tommy (i call him the terrorist) use to hangout with the neighbours bunny rabbit. Inside that cage, on top of the cage....mum swears that when the rabbit got eaten by foxes, the terrorist grieved for a week!


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